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Trick My Truck History


Several years ago, CMT (Country Music Channel) gambled on a show that would change the heart of many Americans forever.

The storied CMT introduced a six show pilot called Trick My Truck. It was a new reality show featuring a deserving trucker and his 18-wheeler in each episode. The show's theme similar to pimpmyride and overhaulin, where old vehicles are restored except the target vehicles are semi truck owner operators who own and operate semi trucks. A crew of experts searches the truck stops of America looking for run-down trucks whose owners are in need of a blessing and break. With the secret help of family members, the owner operator's big rig is "hijacked", and completely revamped with all the latest and greatest features and equipment.


This is a place for independent owner operators and/or company truck drivers to showcase their semi trucks and their pride and joy. We like to call it a permanent virtual semi truck show. We showcase their semi trucks tricked out in semi truck accessories. This is a free service to honor the individual owner operators that have dedicated their lives to this profession.

If you know of anyone who would like to showcase their Big Rig Semi Truck or any other light duty, medium duty or heavy duty personal or work trucks on this site, we've made it very easy for you to do so.

Be sure to register to showcase your light suty, medium duty or heavy duty tricked-out-truck work using the Showcase Request Form and enter to win our Truck Makeover Contest.