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Mike and Jackie Jo's
Kenworth W900L

Is Clean and Classy....


is clean and classy, nothing too gaudy and just enough bling! This is Mike's Kenworth W900L. He and his wife Jackie Jo live in Loudon, Tennessee. Mike's Kenworth W900L gets plenty of pulling power from its enormous Caterpillar 600 hp - C15 engine. Mike is a single unit company with is own authority. He has been driving a Kenworth semi truck for 34 years and is currently contracted to haul mushrooms for Monterey Mushroom Inc.

Mike likes to keep his Kenworth truck with a clean look, nothing gaudy. I must say, this Kenworth reflects very classy semi accessories, not too much, just enough to dress it up!

Mike’s Kenworth W900L features plenty of aftermarket semi truck accessories from front to back. The front of this yellow beauty features a beautiful box end chrome bumper nicely accented with chrome bumper guides. Additionally, the front of the Kenworth W900L includes stainless steel fender guards and a Kenworth hood shield bug deflector.

Kenworth W900L

Mike is such a dedicated, hard worker. His personal pride and performance standards are far greater than any company would ever expect from a dedicated employee. He has put 500,000 miles on his last truck in 3 years making mushroom runs with his Kenworth reefer from Loudon, TN to Atlanta, GA. As Jackie Jo puts it "Mike lives to drive that truck and drives that truck to live."

Closer to the cab, This classy looking Kenworth W900L has stainless steel air cleaners and fairings. I think Mike has also added a Kenworth visor (monster drop) since these photos were taken.

The cab and sleeper highlights include matching stainless steel cab and sleeper panel lighted extensions.

Kenworth W900L

The rear of Mike's Kenworth W900L includes awesome looking fiberglass fenders that are painted yellow to match the rest of the truck. I like the matching rear fender guards that include the Kenworth logo. And finally, the lighted, rear center panel with diamond shaped reflectors fits this truck perfectly.

Mike's passion surely shows through the pride in his ride. we tip our hats to Mike and Jackie Jo from Tennessee.

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