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Max's Black Cherry 379 Peterbilt

This 379 Peterbilt...


is a working Peterbilt show truck as you will see. We service a large number of owner operators owning Peterbilt trucks, and I gotta tell ya, this is one of the classiest Peterbilt 379 trucks I have seen in a long time. It's pretty obvious to me that Max has put his heart and soul in this truck.

When Max emailed me these photos of his truck, he attached a little note that said "attached are some of the recent photos of my truck that I would like to be replicated. My name is Max and I love this truck and all. It's looks I put in it. Black cherry is a great look on this gal of mine." I couldn't agree more with Max as we are proud and honored to display such a classy semi truck for such a fine gentleman.

Peterbilt 379 Show Truck 

Beginning with the front exterior of this truck, you can see Max has added a gorgeous Texas square style stainless steel Peterbilt bumper that matches the hood and fender lines perfectly. He has also added some matching Peterbilt chrome fender guards that to front exterior view of his 379 Peterbilt. This is nice design as it gives the appearance that the bumper blends in perfectly with the matching dual headlights Peterbilt chrome logo trims add a touch of class to the sides of the hood along with the custom pink and blue striping and numbering of his truck. The front exterior is capped off with a sharp Peterbilt chrome swan hood emblem.

The exterior Peterbilt accessories continue with a matching set of Peterbilt chrome air cleaner lights. The top of his Peterbilt 379 cab is decked out with a Peterbilt monster drop visor, Peterbilt chrome bullet lights, and screaming air horns. This looks really sharp as it tricks out the front exterior of this Peterbilt 379 to perfection.

379 Peterbilt Show Truck 

The exterior of the cab and sleeper compartments are tricked out with a matching pair of Peterbilt cab and sleeper panel light kits for a brilliant lighting effect at night. One item that really sets off this Peterbilt 379 is the unique style of the chrome shield over the chrome exhaust stacks. The additional decals and detail on the sleeper are very well done. And last but not least, Max added a pair of black cherry full fiberglass fenders over the rear axle as the final touch to a very well accessorized 379 Peterbilt truck. My hats off to you Max, your black cherry 379 Peterbilt is a real black beauty.

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