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Sparky's Freightshaker Rocks!

900,000 Miles and Still
Going Strong. When we...


first met Sparky, I shared our vision with him to give him his own "my space" page on our site to display his 1995 Freightliner COE semi truck. Within a day we received a photo of this awesome looking semi truck and some information about himself. show off your tricked out Freightliner big rig semi truck for all the world to see. His comments were so "right on", we send to other customers as an example. Here are Sparky's own words.

"As a precision driver within the film community I drive just about everything with wheels. One of my best friends is a Key Grip who purchased a trailer for all his gear. I have driven for him many years and decided to match the investment with my own truck. Industry trucks are always sharp, we are in the entertainment business so a "show truck" is a must and chrome a fundamental item.

1995 Freightliner COE  

We will be making many additions to this 95 Freightshaker for the enjoyment all who work around movie sets. This rig is one monster truck out of the box. Built custom for a team in 95 they spared nothing on the interior. At 900,000 miles it still drives like a dream smooth, quiet, and reliable. 450 hp Detroit diesel turbo with a fuller 15 speed. Serviced with care it is one rockin film truck. Any questions gladly answered write me direct at

Commenting on a recently installed triple train horn, Sparky acknowledged a small problem. "Where is the freight train those came from"? He goes on, "I met a guy in Utah that had the same horns, they are so loud they swept all the snow off the parking lot. Great tuned sound." I think maybe right on the front bumper would say get the f #@*& out of the way. 

They do mount under the driver side of the cab in the wheel well all good but all that chrome, we won't see it. Couple of quick notes, been pushing some of the other owners to get it together for the site. Is it cool if I get the photo's and a story to submit? (Absolutely!). Many of the drivers are not sure how to handle it (maybe shy) I can make a package like the one I sent.


1995 Friehgltiner COE

Just returned from Salt Lake city. Saw so many ideas for truck lighting, that's what I work with in film, the lighting crews so ideas are flowing. Here is a shot of the 35 footer. They messed up on the color.....looks like the USS Ottman warship (just kidding) and white wheels??? Don't drive through S.F with that. I made them shoot those out the dark gray like on the tractor. We didn't talk about colors, I have the graphic design major so its my fault for not directing.

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