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Kevin Gillespie's
Kenworth W900L

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Is this not one of the cleanest tricked out Kenworth trucks you have ever seen? This Kenworth W900L rig is owned by Kevin Gillespie from Westwago, LA.

Kevin has been driving for Packard Truck Lines for almost 20 years. He hauls oil field & construction equipment across the great state of Louisiana.

I saw this beautiful Kenworth truck tricked out with multiple semi truck accessories from a distance and asked Kevin to send me some higher quality photos so we could showcase it for him here on

Within 24 hours, Kevin had sent high resolution photos so we could post it and share a little bit of his pride and joy with you.

Kenworth W900L 

From the rolled end square bumper at the front of this rig, to the pristine white Kenworth accessory mud flaps on the back end, this truck has the right amount of Kenworth Accessories that makes heads turn as he drives buy!


Kevin has added the slick look of the Kenworth chrome fender guards which provides a nice flow of chrome from the bumper up through the headlights. The hood features a sharp Kenworth logo chrome trim along with beautiful Kenworth stainless steel accessory air cleaner fairings. Leaving nothing to chance, Kevin ads a classy touch with Kenworth logo lower hood extension panels and stainless steel cowl panels which are neatly attached to the Kenworth lighted cab panel assemblies. Kevin did an excellent job closing the open space between the battery box and the hood. The cab doors look very impressive as the with the addition of the stainless steel scuff panels accent the cab panel lights.

Kenworth W900L 

The sleeper compartment looks like a seamless complement to the cab with matching sleeper panel lights. All in all, I think Kevin's discriminating choice of Kenworth accessories is highly commendable as he has done an outstanding job tricking out his Kenworth W900L.

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