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John Van Camp

Van Camp Trucking
2007 Kenworth W900L


John Van Camp is a Godly man who thanks God everyday for his Blessings from God!

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When I read John's submissions for his profile page here at, it was very clear to me that John has his priorities straight. John admits "Jesus has blessed me with a wonderful family and a healthy life. I pray to God everyday for the success of my business, my wife and children. God has blessed me immensely, and I am very thankful for those blessings".

2007 Kenworth W900L

John Van Camp is an independent owner operator who drives a 2007 Kenworth W900L which is magnificently tricked out from the front bumper to the rear tires. John has selectively added classy Kenworth accessories and many other custom semi accessories.

He is the owner of Van Camp Trucking. He is an independent owner operator and travels all 48 states carrying general freight for many different companies. He and his loving wife Danielle have two beautiful daughters Macey 10 and Mykala 9. Harley, the family dog accompanies John on the road.

The Van Camp family resides in Wellsburg, West Virginia. For a free quote on his services email him at

Our review the semi accessories on this gorgeous 2007 Kenworth begins at the front of this big rig Kenworth Semi Truck. A custom stainless steel 20" box end bumper highlights the front end along with a set of custom front fenders with a sweet pin stripe accent. The Kenworth grill surround, Kenworth grill and Kenworth stainless steel light trim kits are well maintained as well.

2007 Kenworth W900L

This classic Kenworth 2007 W900L also includes a stainless steel drop visor, Kenworth logo trim, Panelite stainless steel air cleaners, air cleaner lights and stainless steel air cleaner fairings. Matching cab and sleeper light panel kits and stainless steel kick plates on the cab doors accent the Kenworth cab and the Kenworth sleeper.

The unique, custom paint design covers the hood, the cab, and the sleeper. The matching paint and stainless steel custom straps on the gas tank make this truck turn heads as it drives by.

The interior is also tricked out to perfection. The cab interior semi accessories include Bostrom low rider seats, green LED accent lights throughout and the dash is trimmed out in Woody's stainless trim. The Kenworth sleeper is a classic 86" studio sleeper complete with a refrigerator and last but not least, a 20" flat panel TV.

John is proud of the fact that his 2007 Kenworth W900L is a working semi show truck. He will have his big rig on display at the Consolidated truck show in Dallas pike, West Virginia on August 17th-19th. John's favorite accessory on his 2007 Kenworth W900L is the stainless steel drop visor.

John is a loyal Kenworth owner and is sure his next semi truck will also be a Kenworth.

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