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John's LaCasse's
Kenworth W900L


is the Kenworth W900L that makes heads turn when he drives by! I opened the first photo of this truck, my jaw almost dropped to the floor. This is one of the sharpest color combinations I have ever seen on a Kenworth W900L semi truck. The two tone blue and white really stands out as a classy combination.

Notice how the two tone paint covers the hood, the cab and the sleeper. I really like that the frame is painted in matching blue as well.

This Kenworth semi truck is powered by a 530HP, 1850 torque Cummins engine. John took delivery of this truck in April 2006, and recently finished adding most of the Kenworth accessories to make this truck shine!

Kenworth Trucks - Kenworth W900L 


This Kenworth W900L is really tricked out with some excellent big rig chrome accessories.

The front of John's Kenworth W900L stands out with the shiny, new Kenworth chrome bumper and matching Kenworth stainless steel fender guards.

Additionally, John added Kenworth stainless steel air cleaner fairings, and Kenworth stainless steel air cleaners and air cleaner lights.

The cab and sleeper are tricked out with more Kenworth Accessories including matching Kenworth lighted cab panels and matching Kenworth lighted sleeper panels.

Although it may be hard to see on this photo but he has also added Kenworth lower hood extension panels and matching Kenworth cowl extension panels that really ads class to this big rig.

John also added some matching double hump rear fiberglass fenders with an added touch of chrome on the bottom of them.

Kenworth W900L 

As you can see, the Kenworth sleeper top includes Coleman roof top air conditioning in matching blue paint. The other accessory that looks like a white hornet's nest is an awesome looking, new satellite dish that John beta tested for the company. He gives an excellent testimonial and recommendation to other truckers looking for this product as well. The new satellite dish is so small it can fit on just about any make or model of truck. John's truck is featured on the satellite company's brochure as well.

I love the painted gas thanks and the stainless steel gas tank straps really highlight a gorgeous truck!

John added a few more nice amenities such as microwave and a Martin 7.5 KW genset generator to save himself a large amount of fuel during idle times. Did you notice that the frame rails are also painted in the matching blue color?

This Kenworth W900L defines the meaning of working Kenworth show trucks.

John's love for beautiful vehicles doesn't end with his Kenworth W900L working show truck. He also owns this classic 1968 Chevy Biscayne. In the summer months, John often attends classic and muscle car shows. Two years ago he drove from Minnesota to Texas to participate in the hot rod power tour event. 

1968 Chevy Biscayne  

Our hats off to John and his Kenworth W900L working show truck. He has added enough semi truck accessories to surely make heads turn when he passes by!

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