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David Buechler Trucking

1979 Kenworth W-900A


Once upon a time, I was an owner operator with a 1980 Kenworth Truck that won awards in three national semi truck shows. My Kenworth truck also made the cover of American Trucking magazine back in 1980.

I really liked that Kenworth truck. So much so, I tried to buy it back for several years, but in doing so I found that the truck was totalled out in an accident.

Since then, I purchased this 1979 Kenworth Truck, and slowly but surely, I have been trying to restore it to semi truck show condition. I have spent several hundred hours and purchased many original equipment Kenworth parts and Kenworth accessories in my attempt at restoring this beautiful Kenworth truck.


Kenworth W900 A

In January, 2006, I was involved in an industrial accident while uploading. Unfortunately, I was seriously crushed in the accident. It is only by the grace of God that my legs were able to be saved by doctors.

Additionally, I ended up with a broken foot and spent the next 11 months in bed . It was next to impossible to work on my Kenworth Truck while I was laid up, but I did what I could by forcing myself out of bed to work on it to keep my sanity. My doctors indicated it was great therapy for me during this period of time as well.

Eventually, I was healthy and strong enough to visit my rehab facility for at least an hour a day. I am much better now physically and mentally, but almost a year behind in my bills.

My dream is to someday get this 1979 Kenworth into semi truck show condition. When I owned the 1980 Kenworth I mentioned earlier, everyone knew me as The American Trucker..... David Buechler

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