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Trick My Truck is Back
and... Better Than Ever!


Calling all light duty, medium duty and heavy duty truck owners!

Yes folks, Trick-My-Truck will return very soon as a virtual light, medium and heavy duty truck parts and accessories superstore!

If you know of anyone who would like to showcase their Big Rig Semi Truck or any other light duty, medium duty or heavy duty personal or work trucks on this site, we've made it very easy for you to do so.

Be sure to register to showcase your light duty, medium duty or heavy duty tricked-out-truck (personal or business) using the Showcase Request Form and enter to win our Truck Makeover Contest. A short message will be sent to your friends and fellow truckers about the opportunity to showcase their truck on

  • Trick-My-Truck History
    Several years ago, CMT (Country Music Channel) gambled on a show that would change the heart of many Americans forever. The storied CMT introduced a six show pilot called Trick My Truck. It was a new reality show featuring a deserving trucker and his 18-wheeler in each episode.
  • Trick-My-Truck Gallery
    The Trick-My-Truck gallery showcase is the place to show the world your pride and joy. Be sure to enter our "Truck Makeover" and $500 "Truck Bling" contests as soon as posible!
  • Showcase Request Form
    Trick-My-Truck is the place to showcase your light duty, medium duty and heavy duty tricked-out-trucks for the world to see. Simply complete our showcase request form and submit photos of your pride and joy to be put on display right here!
  • Truck Makeover Contest
    Trick-My-Truck is the place to win our "truck makeover" giveaway contest! Simply complete our short survey, join our mailing list and you will be entered to win our Truck Makeover" giveaway contest!
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